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Child Psychotherapy

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At Birmingham psychotherapy, Child therapy is a psychoanalytic treatment for children, young people, parents and families. Child and adolescent psychotherapists treat a range of behavioural and emotional problems not easily addressed by other modes of treatment.

Child Psychotherapy BirminghamTherapists are trained to carefully observe a child or young person and respond to what they might be communicating through their behaviour and play. They also apply their framework of thinking to work with parents, families and carers and to training and supporting other professionals who work with children, young people, parents and families to ensure a deeper understanding of the child's perspective.

Therapists may see a child or young person individually, in a group with other children or young people or with parents or other family members. Through the relationship with the therapist in a consistent setting, the child or young person may begin to feel able to express their most troubling thoughts and feelings. Confused, frightened, hurt, angry or painful feelings can gradually be put into words rather than actions. The therapist can help the child make sense of their own experience and develop their own individuality and potential.

Therapists may also see parents or carers without the child being present. Sometimes the child is seen by another professional while work with the parents goes on; sometimes only the parents are worked with. The work may focus on helping the parent make sense of the child's behaviour, as well as understanding how the parents' own conflicts interfere with their ability to parent well. It may also explore different possibilities in parenting styles.

Birmingham Psychotherapy offer this therapy in the convenience of your home as well at the Meridian Centre.

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