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Psychotherapy Tesimonials

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"I would like to express my gratitude for the change that your counselling has made in my life and our relationship, to say that I was scared to attend counselling because I thought that I would have curled up in a corner and cried not being able to speak; I now cry with joy and not out of frustration….. after five weeks I felt a remarkable change in my life."
(Client from couples/relationship counselling)

"Where do I start? psychotherapy has made clear many issues that hadn’t been talked about before. I now have clarity and calmness of thought rather than the chaos of before. I have learnt many strategies to cope with the difficulties in my life." 
(Client from adult counselling)

"Our family is more understanding of each other and more loving. The counsellor was excellent and allowed us to learn so much about ourselves and our family’s behaviour and, most importantly, how to change it. If you have family problems I would really recommended Birmingham Psychotherapy as they have brilliant family therapists."
(Client from adolescent therapy)

"The counsellor was understanding and took me back from the brink of what felt like self-destruction. I have re-discovered parts of life that I never knew about. Thank you." 
(Client from adult Counselling)

"I don’t get really angry and lash out at people anymore because I am more settled and feel better about myself generally. I get on with people better and have some dreams about life now that I want to do. Counselling made me happy. "
(Client from children’s counselling)

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